GoogleGoogle now shows news results from non-approved sources in search

Google now shows news results from non-approved sources in search

Google has started to roll out a new feature dubbed ‘In the news’ which is a small box that shows relevant results in searches. Well, you’d expect the content here to come from approved and reliable sources, but instead you’ll see results from non-news websites as well, like blog posts, videos and even social networks.

Search Engine Land noticed the new feature a few days back and it even managed to get a statement from Google which confirms that the ‘In the news’ section will deliver results from all over the internet that are deemed appropriate, and not just from approved news sites. The main goal here is to ensure that users get the answers to what they’ve been look for.

Google Search Screenshot

As promising as the new implementation may look, there are still a few concerns. The website points out that some results with abusive language have also showed up in this section (see image embedded below). With SafeSearch enabled, the visibility of foul language should have been prevented, but that wasn’t the case. You can also expect to see images and press releases show up in this new category.

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The new attribute doesn’t replace the ‘News for’ box which we’ve all encountered over the years. The latter feature shows relevant results with content being pulled only from websites which have been approved for Google News.

Google In The News Box

Obvious, Google’s ‘In the news’ search box needs a lot of work and the fact that it will pull results from all over the internet should improve the chances of you finding exactly what you’re looking for. In the meantime, just don’t get excited if you see a few F-bombs popping up in search results.

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