Google Maps for Mobile v2.0 with My Location Introduced

Google Maps for Mobiles logo Google has introduced Google Maps for Mobile version 2.0 for mobile phones. This application includes ‘My Location’ technology which is used for mobile mapping and local search.

The new version 2.0 of Google’s ‘My Location’ technology uses cell tower ID information to offer users their approximate location, helping them determine where they are, what’s around them, and how to get there.

Google’s latest technology quickly provides users with the information regardless of when and where they need. Location information makes mobile mapping and search faster and more convenient, but since the common source of location information to date is only supported by GPS technology which is used by only few users, this new offering would be useful.

Technology introduced by Google, ‘My Location’ is available on the handsets that don’t have GPS technology. So users who don’t have this GPS will be able to make use of the added benefits of speed, convenience and also meet the expense.

My Location technology also complements handsets with GPS as it offers good speed, enables to locate a location even faster than GPS and provides coverage inside the buildings where the GPS signals are weak and unreliable while it also doesn’t drain the mobile phone battery as quickly as the GPS does.

The My Location technology receives information from cell towers and sifts it through Google-developed algorithms to the users’ current location of the map.

The application can also be easily disabled by any user who doesn’t want to use it. The My Location technology is available on most smartphones, including all color BlackBerry devices, all Symbian Series 60 3rd Edition devices, most Windows Mobile devices, newer Sony Ericsson devices, and some Motorola devices.