Google Maps for mobile, an easy way to get business directions

Google Maps for mobile

Google has launched its updated version for the Google search application for mobile phones. The new version will now make it easy for the users to find business from their device. The application will allow you to search from the start point to the end point.

The updated version will enable its users to find stores, theatres, restaurants and many other places by simply entering the name. For instance if you have entered Starbucks as an end point or as a start point, the old version of Google map would search for an address that contains the word Starbucks. But now with the new updated fresh version if you enter Starbucks it will give you the address of nearest coffee shop. It will display the list of address of coffee shops and then you will have to select one of them. On selecting the address Google map search will display the direction of the selected coffee shop.

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Google maps for mobile will now know exactly what you mean that you have mentioned at the start or end point. Finding ways has just become so simple and easy. The version gives you an instant access to locate nearby places and find a way if you are lost.

If you already have Google map service installed in your phone then you do not need to download it again, you can enjoy this service right away. And if you don’t have it install you can download it from the official website for free.

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