Google Maps for Android 6.7 up for download via Google Play

Google Maps Android v6.7 01

Google Maps for Android has reached v6.7 and this means several additional features await users. The tweaks include access to Google Offers available in nearby locations, indoor walking directions for specific public places and panoramic photos of businesses that have been included in the service.

The Google Offers option mentioned above, ranges across various fields like city tours, salons, restaurants and more found in the US. Simply tapping on ‘Maps,’ followed by ‘Offers,’ will lay open the assortment. The alternative that interests the concerned person can be selected, followed by clicking on the ‘Use now’ icon to get started immediately. The deals can be utilized instantly or simply saved for use at a later time. Those who employ the Google Maps app for Android can also optimize it to update them when any offer surfaces in a nearby area.

“Wherever you are, Google Maps for Android helps you get around and discover new places. Today with the 6.7 release we will help you find offers from nearby businesses in the U.S. — everything from restaurants, to salons, to city tours. Also, we’ve added indoor walking directions in the U.S. and Japan, plus 360-degree interior photos of businesses, to help you intrepidly make your way indoors and out,” states a post on the official Google blog.

Google Maps Android v6.7 02

Google Floor plans that was launched not so long ago, now provides indoor walking directions. This will help people reach the doorstep of their desired place along with delivering the ability to explore the interiors. Another addition called Google Business Photos provides 360-degree panoramic photos of the respective businesses. Say, users wish to see a restaurant’s interiors, simply tapping the ‘See Inside’ icon within the Place page for that specific business will display the images of the same.

Google Maps for Android 6.7 can be downloaded via Google Play.