Google’s free mapping service update now offers Local Guides

The latest version of Google Maps for Android is here, and it has brought in a new and interesting feature in the form of ‘Local Guides’ which has been aimed at enhancing the experience of reading reviews on the app. The update is available for download right now, but don’t be surprised if it hasn’t reached your device yet, as it’s a phased roll-out as usual.

Local Guides looks to increase the number of original Google Maps reviews for you, and even highlights the best among them. It is nothing but a rebranded version of City Experts which was relaunched in January this year.

Google Maps Local Guides

If you’re familiar with Yelp and its Elite Reviewers system, you’ll have no troubles understanding what Local Guides does. Once a person posts a total of 50 reviews on Maps, they will be gifted with a Local Guides badge on their account. And it’s the reviews of these people which will be given first preference when the Maps app shows you the details regarding a certain business or place.

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Google’s long-running navigation service is fast turning into a hub for almost everything to do with places around you. With its fresh new Local Guides addition, it is straightway competing with Yelp to establish dominance in the business reviews section of the software war.

Like we said, the Google Maps update is available for free download now, and if it hasn’t reached your devices, you can either wait or snap up an APK file from Android Police. And if you’re interested in becoming a Local Guide yourself, you’ll need to click on this link to do so.