Google introduces Sync Service for the iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile enabled Phones

Google Sync Service Switching mobile phones will now be easier, as Google introduces a program that will allow mobile phone users to sync their devices with Google account or calendar events. The service is compatible only with the iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile enabled phones.

Google has Microsoft’s ActiveSync protocol that will allow users to share data between a server and a mobile phone. The service will allow users to synchronize their contact details and calendar events as well. Once the sync process starts, it will automatically synchronize the contact details and calendar events over the air.

The Sync process uses a push technology so that any changes made to contact or calendar will be reflected immediately on your mobile phone also. As the Sync connection always remains on, there is no need to sync the phone each time after the Sync has been set up. Since it is a two way process, users can make changes either in their Google account or on their device.

The new service will back up all the mobile phone information in the user’s Google account. So even if the phone is lost, users can still retrieve the data.

The pricing details for the service are not yet revealed.