GoogleGoogle improves Mobile Search experience

Google improves Mobile Search experience

Google Search improves on Mobile Phones Search giant Google has launched a new service for mobile phones which produces faster and much more relevant results for local searches conducted on Google’s search engine via cellphones.

This Google mobile search service was first made available to the US in March 2007. But now, the service has been expanded to other countries including the UK, Germany, France and Canada.

The new mobile search service gathers regular as well as mobile web results, news, images and local listings. This means that people no longer have to specify a type of search.

Google believes that searching for information via a mobile phone is more often used to find area information like theatre locations, restaurants, pubs and clubs. Thus, this improved and revamped “local search experience” is based on the search giant’s beliefs.

“You don’t have to click through so many pages on that tiny little screen and on those tiny little buttons. But if you are looking for a restaurant and you are out and about, it’s as easy to access the number and address on your phone as it is to call a directly service,” a Google spokesperson was quoted as saying.

Another enhancement added to the service is that the mobile search facility will remember a user’s recent search locations. Thus, when the time really comes to look up a restaurant or perhaps even weather, it will focus on that area.

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