Google Hangouts updated with Remote Desktop feature

A solution by Google for everyone who has ever felt the need to rush to their friends’ or folks’ house acting as a tech support, has come up in the form of Hangouts Remote Desktop. This feature is said to add a personal touch without actually having people leave the comforts of their homes to assist someone with their PCs.

The fresh development sanctions taking control of another system through the chat service. But before hooraying, let’s just get one thing very clear that it will not be possible to remotely access somebody else’s computer without the permission of the person in need of help.

Google Hangouts Remote Desktop

Having said that, the conversation that is being carried out over the chat service will not be interrupted and both parties can talk as well as see each other. This should help users who are offering their expertise to get to the core of the problem instantly.

One of the perks that this feature has to present is that it serves as an app and finds a home on the chat utility itself. So this is how to get it started; users will have to first spot the View More Apps icon which holds onto an Add Apps option. Sitting right under this category is the attribute in question.

Permission Option

In the event that users wish to provide aid to someone, their offer will appear on the bottom of the recipient’s screen. The choice is then left to them whether they wish to go forward and grant complete access of their PC to the person intending to lend a hand, or not. While the session is in process, an option to end it will always be looming over the top of their screens.

In a bid to maintain its hold over the market, the search leader has repeatedly been appearing in the news for undertaking various initiatives. Apart from the one we are currently speaking about, there are whispers mentioning the company’s plans to integrate Google Now with its main web homepage. Did we mention it even came up with an Inactive Account Manager in order to safeguard users’ information after they pass away?

Option To End Session

It has been said that the Hangouts Remote Desktop feature is similar to the one which had found its way into Chrome in the year 2011. Users may furthermore take delight in the fact that this service has been made available by Google at absolutely no charge.