Indian users can now make international voice calls using Google Hangouts

Just a week back, Google announced a promotion through which Hangouts users could make international voice calls for free, but only for the first minute. Well, the search giant is now extending the same support to India, allowing customers to make calls outside the country and also avail of the ‘first minute free’ offer.

The company made the announcement on the official Google India G+ account. The main highlight here is the introduction of international voice calling from the Hangouts application in India. And this capability will be available on iOS and the web instead of being limited to Android only. Those using Google’s mobile OS will need to download the Hangouts Dialer application in order to flip the switch on voice calling.

Google Hangouts

iOS and web users, on the other hand, will see this feature enabled the next time they access the Hangouts application. Making calls to other users on the service and also to the US and Canada won’t cost you anything. Google is offering low rates for international calls and one minute free for the ones placed to 24 select locations.

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You can access the entire list of countries through this link, but a Google Voice US account with a minimum balance of $10 will be needed for this to work. In other news, Hangouts’ biggest competition in India, Skype, will be discontinuing voice calling to mobile phones and landlines from November 10 onwards. The company hasn’t provided any concrete reason behind its decision.

The Hangouts Dialer application which is necessary to enable voice calling on Android can be found on the Play store, while the iOS app is available on iTunes for free.