Adding Google YouTube live streaming to Android apps has become an easy task

Google has announced the launch of its YouTube for WatchMe which happens to be an open source Android project for letting developers easily bring live streaming within their applications. Sony’s Live on YouTube by Xperia is one such app in Google Play Store that demonstrates this cool feature.

Then there’s the more recently released HTC software accompanying the RE camera which allows it to broadcast whatever you’re recording as it occurs. But Google is calling its YouTube for WatchMe project just an experimental one and it’s presently available for use and abuse on GitHub.


Breaking it down quite simply, you could make use of the provided code for an Android OS app which creates a YouTube Live Streaming event and then does precisely as it advertises at the appointed hour. WatchMe is supported by the YouTube Data API v3, Google Play Services, YouTube Live Streaming API and Plus API. YouTube’s API blog post has further instructions on how to implement it.

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The code can be customized to suit your app’s needs since the YouTube for WatchMe project hosted by GitHub is merely a template open to all sorts of tweaks. You may also file merge requests to include new features and submit bug reports, if you please. We guess we’ll be seeing more and more developers offering live video streaming now that the project has been made publicly available.

Here’s the GitHub page hosting the YouTube for WatchMe code. Follow this link to the official Google blog post introducing the project.