Google Earth application receives an update for Android

Google Earth 1.1For those who think sitting by the sea, beach or even a swimming pool is relaxing, here’s some good news from the Google quarters. An updated version 1.1 of the Google Earth application now marks its presence. Previously the application rode users through the mountainous and hilly terrains and this update will enable them to swim through the oceans of the Earth.

As per the Google Mobile blog, users can now discover marine life and enjoy it right on their handsets. By zooming in below the ocean surface off the coast, users can visit beautiful landscapes and terrains underwater in Monterery Bay Canyon which is claimed to be huger than the Grand Canyon. After swimming into the water, divers can tilt the view by just tapping on the ‘look around’ icon and watch the inner surface of this undersea canyon.

Additionally, users can enjoy many photos and videos displayed by more than 100 contributors on the ‘Explore the Ocean’ layer. They can also read their experiences. On clicking the blue icons, travelers can plan their next holiday where as the gold icon exhibits content from the Mission Blue Hope Spot initiative.

Android 2.2 users can now enjoy video clips in the form of balloons if Flash player is installed in their devices. The navigation experience has been also enhanced with a simple use of two fingers will enable users to ‘look around’ and customize their viewpoint. This works as an alternative to the on-screen button and is simpler when tilting the view of mountainous landscapes or underwater canyons. By just twisting the fingers, users can rotate their devices in any direction to watch the underwater nature.

The Google Earth 1.1 version can now be downloaded from the Android Market for the devices running Android 2.1 and above.