GoogleGoogle Chromecast gets released in India, retail value set at Rs 2999

Google Chromecast gets released in India, retail value set at Rs 2999

Ahead of the start of the Great Online Shopping Festival, the Google Chromecast HDMI streaming dongle has been officially unveiled for sale in India at a price of Rs 2999. This gadget will be sold exclusively by Snapdeal from midnight tonight, and will come with special offers from Airtel and Eros Now.

You may know that the Google Chromecast is already available in the country through various online portals at retail values set around the Rs 3000 mark. However, these units are not sold by Google which means they do not come with the standard one-year warranty that’s offered by the company.

Google Chromecast

It was first announced in July 2013 as an HDMI-based dongle which can be hooked up to your TV screens in order to start streaming content from your smartphones or tablets wirelessly onto the big screens using Wi-Fi. And that’s not all; users of the Chromecast can even see Chrome tabs from their computers on their television screens using this gadget.

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Recently, Google granted the device the ability to let you mirror your entire Android screens onto your TV displays. This means, you can do everything from watching local photographs and videos to playing games on your large screens.

This brilliant accessory measures just 72mm × 35mm × 12mm and weighs in at 34gms. It can stream HD content of up to 1080p full HD resolution, and it costs just $35 in the US which roughly translates to Rs 2165.

But you’ll need to cough up Rs 2999 if you wish to buy the Google Chromecast here in India. If you’re interested, make sure to hit Snapdeal at midnight, as that’s when it’s supposed to be made available by the site.

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