Google Analytics now available for Mobile Apps

Google Analytics

Google introduces Google Analytics for Mobile Apps that allows developers keep a track of the usage of their mobile applications on iPhone and Android. The Google Analytics reports that delivers insights into website traffic and engagement are also available for mobile apps.

According to the Google Mobile Blog, websites have two basic categories of user interaction, pageviews and events. As mobile apps do not include HTML pages, developers have to decide when their applications should trigger pageview requests. Then, the Google Analytics assembles this data in the Content reports to show the number of visits, session lengths and bounce rates. The insights of how users interact with the app are delivered by this data.

With the help of Event Tracking, developers can record visitors’ actions that don’t correspond directly to pageviews. Developers can trace activities like viewing embedded videos, button clicks, download and more. According to this data, application developers can learn which features are most popular and inform decisions about any feature that should be promoted or prioritized for further enhancement.

Developer can use Google Analytics to understand and optimize how users utilize iPhone and Android mobile applications.