GoodReader updates file viewer iPhone app

GoodReader iPhone App GoodReader file viewer application recently received a major update and now the app incorporates PDF Reflow, highly anticipated feature for PDF file readers. The earlier version of the app was inclusive of a beta version of the PDF Reflow. However, the latest update comes with the final release along with a few enhancements.

The file viewing app allows users to open and view very large PDF and TXT files. With GoodReader’s PDF Reflow, text is extracted from a PDF page (shredding out pictures) and presented as a simple TXT file. The iPhone app eliminates page margins and offers word-wrapping and formatting features such as font size and text color. The GoodReader app offers reflowing without the need to pre-convert PDFs on the PC before syncing to GoodReader.

Further, users are also allowed to easily switch back and forth between the original page with pictures and the reflowed text. The iPhone app features text search capability and active hyperlinks that facilitate users to navigate within the document or launch a linked document or website effortlessly. Additionally, sharing files is made easier with the ability to zip/unzip files. iPhone users also get access to MobileMe iDisk,,, and many other file-storage servers for both downloading and uploading files.

GoodReader iPhone app carries a price tag of $4.99. However, the app can be downloaded for a limited time for $0.99.