GeneralGoa B-school website hacked by Pakistani cyber attackers

Goa B-school website hacked by Pakistani cyber attackers

The website of a B-school in Goa (India) was hacked by a group known as the ‘Pak cyber attacker.’ Owing to the content displayed on the website, it is assumed that it was hacked on August 14, Pakistan’s Independence Day. The website was later restored back to normal.

The hacked website belongs to the Goa Institute of Management (GIM). The attack is said to have taken place as a protest against the killing of Muslims in Kashmir and all over India. The message from the hackers was displayed on the homepage of the institute.

Representational image only
Representational image only

The message read, ‘Pakistan Zindabad Happy August 14, 2016 – Team Pak Cyber Attackers – Stop Killing of Muslims in Kashmir and in India.’ It also flashed a picture of the Pakistani national flag. The leader of the group of hackers identified himself as Zain Haxor.

The website was restored by the Goa Institute of Management’s in-house technical department on Sunday evening. The institute did not file an FIR as the matter was handled efficiently by the tech department. No other comments were voiced by the GIM.

Incidents of Pakistani cyber criminals hacking India-based websites have been reported multiple times in this year itself. On July 4, a group of Pakistani hackers attacked the site of the School of Law, Design and Innovation Academy of the Institute of Management Studies (IMS). A formal FIR was lodged and the cyber cell investigated the case.

‘Pak cyber attackers’ had reportedly hacked the Raipur AIIMS website in March and posted content claiming that such attacks would continue to be launched in the future. The administration looked into the matter and patched the website within a few hours.

In February this year, Pakistani hackers also managed to take down the Indian Revenue Services’ official website. The website became inaccessible for a brief period of time before it was restored to normal again.

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