Gmail for Android gets updated, now features unified inbox and smarter search

If you have multiple email accounts and wish you did not have to keep switching between them, the new Gmail Android unified inbox update may definitely be appreciated by you. This feature applies to even non-Gmail accounts and the app also comes with improvements such as single tap button to save content on Google Drive and smart search.

The Unified Inbox view option will be available on the Android Gmail app and applies for all email accounts including multiple Gmail addresses, POP/IMAP mail like Yahoo and Outlook as well as mail exchange servers. Messages from such services can be accessed by clicking the All Inboxes view.


Users who wish to go back to a specific mail account can do so by using the drop-down menu that lists all their accounts. The app’s new functions are described on the official Gmail blog by Google’s Régis Décamps. The threaded conversations feature which neatly stacks multiple replies to a single email was earlier available only for Gmail accounts.

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But now, it will be present for other mail services too. The Android update has also improved the search ability in order to complete auto search much faster. Other features in this update are the responsive animations when starting or closing chats. Also available is a larger preview option that makes it easier to view file attachments and a single click button to save attachments to Google Drive.


The tech giant has said that the new Gmail unified inbox and other improvements will be released for Android devices in a few days. However, there is no news when this update will be made available to iOS users.