Glu Mobile announces mischievous Cops and Robbers game for iPhone

Cops and Robbers game for iPhone

Glu Mobile has released a new gaming title, Cops and Robbers for the iPhone. Designed in a 3D urban landscape, the game offers a visual feast full of shadows and rich glowing effects.

This original Glu title for the iPhone promises to offer a rush of adrenaline as players take over the role of a thief escaping pursuers or a cop chasing down a criminal. Being a criminal will never be so much fun, as this game involves robbing and running through the beautiful city filled with back alleys, high rooftops and many other dangerous environments.

“Cops & Robbers introduces unique sub-genre because we set out to make a fast-moving experience that has the flow of a racing game with the variety and challenge of an action platformer,” states Jill Braff, senior vice president of global publishing, Glu Mobile. “We are excited to provide consumers with a game that takes advantage of the unique and engaging features of the revolutionary iPhone and iPod touch.”

Using the well-timed gymnastic running moves, gamers can find the most direct path to escape the cops. In addition to this, the game integrates different environments, obstacles, challenges and moves making it more interesting and exciting while playing.

Immerse yourself in 9 unique levels, each with three challenges. The game boasts of its “Replayability” feature and on completion of a level as a thief, gamers can replay it as the cop to beat the original time. Cops and Robbers packs in a wide variety of mini games which includes an added lock picking mini-game and challenges players to solve the puzzles in order to gain additional rewards.

The Cops and Robbers game is now available at the Apple App Store for $4.99.