Garmin Vivofit is a fitness band being sold by Flipkart for Rs 9990

The Garmin Vivofit which is claimed by its maker to keep track of its user’s pulse, steps and calorie intake throughout the day has made its way into India exclusively through Flipkart. And this smart device isn’t affordable by any means; it has been priced by its makers at nothing less than Rs 9990.

It’s actually a pretty small gadget with a curved display which is placed inside a wrist band that can be of many different colors. It bears an extremely basic display and does not feature a rechargeable battery. The product runs on user-replaceable batteries that need to be changed after around one year to keep it going.

Garmin Vivofit

Apart from showing you time and date, the Vivofit fitness band from Garmin provides you with useful information like steps taken, calories burnt, distance traveled and more. This device is capable of setting personal daily goals for you and reminding you about them as well.

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This always-on wrist band can sync with your Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth to you you a better lowdown on its recorded data. The Vivofit is water resistant up to 50 meters and bears support for ANT+ heart rate monitors. When you put it on Sleep mode, it counts the number of hours it’s on that mode to analyze your sleep patterns.

The Garmin Vivofit is yet another product which Flipkart has managed to claim exclusivity on. You can head over to the retail website right now if you’re interested in purchasing it at Rs 9990.