Garmin-Asus uncover new nuvifone A50 Android smartphone

Garmin A50 Phone Users who have been tediously searching for a great smartphone may now put a full-stop. Garmin-Asus have recently shed some light on their brand-new Garmin-Asus navifone A50 touchscreen Android smartphone, featuring a multitude of location technologies and apps.

Utilizing the personalization and enhanced features provided by the Android platform, the graceful unit brings to users Garmin navigation with turn-by-turn voice prompted directions while walking as well as driving.

Resting in sleek and exquisite body, the high-performance A50 comes equipped with a 3.5-inch HVGA capacitive touchscreen display with a finger-friendly user interface. Predictive text and QWERTY keyboard ensures faster typing. The phone also integrates 4GB internal storage, expandable microSD card slot and accelerometer.

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“The A50 brings premium navigation features to the Android operating system, offering users a seamless location based experience along with access to the wealth of applications that the platform affords,” stated Benson Lin, vice president and general manager of Asus’ personal mobile devices business unit, handheld business group.

To make it more appealing, the A50 is enriched with Google mobile services with one-click access to Google Search by voice, Google Maps, Gmail, Android Market and more. Users can find more than 20,000 applications. In addition, the handset features on-device sync with Microsoft Exchange server and the ability to wirelessly synchronize contacts, calendar and enterprise email.

Further, the latest offering includes high-sensitivity GPS receivers with Garmin navigation pre-loaded on the device. Other noticeable features subsume a 3 megapixel camera with auto-focus and multi-touch capable WebKit browser.

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The Garmin-Asus nuvifone A50 is anticipated to be available in Europe during the first half of 2010. For now, there’s no official word on the pricing and availability details. The phone will be exhibited at the Garmin-Asus booth at Mobile World Congress between February 15 and 18, 2010.