AppleGamevil Kami Retro to engage iOS users

Gamevil Kami Retro to engage iOS users

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Gamers who sorely miss the exciting fun and endearing graphics offered by retro titles may now rejoice over this bit of news. Gamevil, in partnership with Paw Print Games, has announced the release of its Kami Retro title for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users.

It features multihued retro-style 3D visual graphics and pulsating 8-bit soundtrack inspired from traditional games. The title entails players to maneuver troops to a level safely with the help of various items like springboards, ropes, fans and cannon. At the same time, deadly obstacles such as man-eating plants and traps must be carefully avoided.

“Paw Print Games developed a truly lovable game,” explained Kyu Lee of Head of Gamevil USA. “Players will appreciate the dazzling visuals, but it’s the new quick-motion touch gameplay that really sets Kami Retro apart.”

“As a newly formed independent games developer, Paw Print Games is thrilled to work with the world renowned publisher Gamevil,” commented Antony White, Director of Paw Print Games. “We’ve poured our heart and soul into this game and we’re proud to finally set it loose on the gaming community.”

This puzzle platform game involves collecting stars from over 60 varied levels spanning across five unreal worlds. It boasts of a quick-motion touch and flick gameplay that put users’ thinking ability and finger agility to the test, while offering an enjoyable experience.

Kami Retro App can be downloaded through the iTunes App Store for $1.99.

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