Gamevil brings its first social mobile game Chalk n’ Talk to iPhone

Chalk n' Talk game

Gamevil is all set to unveil a real-time online social drawing and word-guessing game that is slated to connect players strewn across different parts of the globe. The company now unleashes its premier social mobile game Chalk n’ Talk onto the Apple iPhone as well as the iPod touch and iPad.

Handset owners are time-bound as they sketch and guess the given word. In turn, points will be awarded to them which can be used to personalize canvases and brushes or even present it to friends. Furthermore, all the gamers’ desired artwork are entitled to ratings for accolades by submitting them to the world gallery.

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“Chalk n’ Talk starts with a simple idea and deftly combines mobile, social and real-time aspects into a very complete game experience,” commented Kyu Lee of Head of Gamevil USA. “As one of our first titles to focus on mobile social network gaming, we’re excited to bring Chalk n’ Talk into our expanding lineup of quality games.”

“We expected that different kinds of games would be successful in today’s smartphone market compared to past mobile phone games.” stated Jae Woo Kim, CEO of AP Games. “We thought about what could be the optimal, fun experience on a networked touchscreen device, and the answer was Chalk n’ Talk.”

Besides enjoying the newly-released title, iPhone users can also expand their friend list by connecting to Gamevil Live through the game. There is an automated matchmaking option which offers an infinite supply of private rooms and new challengers for chatting and playing with close pals. The company provides gamers with 15 colorful canvases and 29 illustrative artwork brushes for creating impressive sketches.

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Chalk n’ Talk Version 1.02 can be acquired through the iTunes store absolutely free of cost.