Gametel Android controller turns tablets, phones into portable gaming devices

Gametel Android Controller 01

Avid mobile gamers need not sigh while looking at the Xperia Play any more, as the soon-to-release Gametel Android controller is all set to turn smartphones and tablets running the Google mobile OS into gaming gadgets. Developed by Fructel, this controller is appears to be tested for supporting over a dozen games.

Apparently, the device is designed to fit almost all Android smartphones as well as tablets. It sports a structure which extends and holds onto a handheld device quite firmly. The controller syncs with these gadgets by means of Bluetooth connectivity. So if users don’t want the screen too close to their face, they have the option of keeping it a little farther away while staying within the connectivity range.

Embedded with a 250mAh rechargeable Lithium-polymer battery, it can keep users playing for up to 9 hours, provided their smartphones or tablets in question are ready for the same. Otherwise, the standby time offered by this device falls short of 5 months. To spring it back to life, it can be fed energy by means of a USB cable.

Gametel Android Controller 02

Pocket Gamer had a chance to tinker around with this 120mm x 67mm x 24mm controller that weighs approximately 80g. The user interface is bedecked with 4 navigation as well as 4 action keys on either side. Also, 2 fire buttons at the center are supposed to be within easy reach of the index fingers.

There is no word yet on the Gametel Android controller price and release date from Fructel quarters. However, aspiring users will be greeted by an email sign up page, which should keep them updated about the progress.