GamesGameloft announces Eternal Legacy for iPhone gamers

Gameloft announces Eternal Legacy for iPhone gamers

Eternal Legacy iPhone

Somehow mysteries, magic and mythology have always allured humans. We’ve all seen innumerable games being based on such story lines wherein it’s up to the protagonist to save the world from the evil or else the entire human civilization might be eradicated. Gameloft too has enunciated one such a game. Known as Eternal Legacy, it has been designed just like a Japanese-style RPG for the iPhone.

The company debuts a trailer video on the official Gameloft YouTube channel which shows off the enticing graphics that appear to offer an immersive gaming experience. Gaming aficionados may be impressed with the vibrant and impressive graphics. However, it does not divulge much information other than a few basic tit bits.

An iPad variant of this action packed game will also be available. Although heavy mist lies over the availability and pricing details of Eternal Legacy, the company promises more information in the coming months. So iPhone owners stay tuned for additional details.

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