G729 is supported by Acrobits Software for SIP VoIP calling on iPhone

Acrobits Software 3.2

iPhone users may find this news to be of some relevance. Acrobits recently launched an update to their well-known SIP Softphone for the iPhone, Acrobits Softphone 3.2. Encompassed in the update is the choice to buy an in-app upgrade that will include support for G.729 Annex A, the high quality, low bit rate codec.

Acrobits Softphone users can now apply this vital codec for their SIP calls. This inclusion is particularly imperative as Apple and AT&T now enable VoIP over 3G. G.711 apparently just consumes too much bandwidth to offer superior audio on a VoIP call made over the 3G or Edge network.

GSM and iLBC take considerably less bandwidth, but several VoIP providers are not compatible with them. Well known devices such as Cisco or Linksys phones are not attuned with them either. With the supplement of G.729, Acrobits has delivered their users with all the tools essential to make calls over the 3G network, with the best feasible quality.

The company mentions that adding support to G.729 could be just one of the ways to respond to their user’s requirements.