G5 Entertainment brings wildlife to the iPhone in Jane’s Zoo

Jane's Zoo

G5 Entertainment seems to have just the app for iPhone owners who simply adore animals. With the latest offering, users need not drive a long way downtown to visit the zoo or spend loads of money to travel to exotic places. The company brings a wide choice of beings plucked right out from the animal kingdom in the form of a new app entitled Jane’s Zoo.

The protagonist earlier entered the gaming scene offering handset owners a time management title that transported them into her hotel venture. This time around she calls on gamers to join her in another exciting title that involves wildlife preservation. Players must aid her in feeding and caring for wild animals as she strives to rescue extinct animals across three continents. Through the game, mobile enthusiasts can traverse to Europe, Asia and Africa in order to save the endangered species. After playing through various levels strewn across the title, gamers will become the most experienced zoo-keeper.

Jane’s Zoo is packed with loads of bonuses as well as opportunities to earn cash which can be used to upgrade the zoo and amend the animals’ houses into comfortable residing zones. Saving the world from an unseen threat is also on the cards in this engaging game. There are 39 challenging levels and 3 picturesque settings to avail of as well as 7 fascinating mini-games. Furthermore, eleven adorable animals are also provided in-game for players to get up close and personal with the amazing wildlife.

Jane’s Zoo can be acquired via iTunes for a price of $2.99 and is touted to take up 18.1MB space within the device.