Fujifilm showcases 4 Instax cameras starting at Rs 6441, print selfies in a flash

Fujifilm has launched 4 of its Instax series cameras in India for those who like the idea of having an actual print of the photos they take. The Instax Mini 25, Mini 8, Mini 50S and Mini 90 have been rolled out at price tags of Rs 8045, Rs 6441, Rs 9147 and Rs 10999, respectively.

The new lineup of Fujifilm instant print cameras is the kind of equipment people would want to use at parties or outings to click selfies, group pictures and so on, and then give them around. The only problem is that you’d have to make sure you have enough Instax film on you so you don’t run out.


Fujifilm sells its Instax mini film in packs of 10 only. Otherwise, the cameras make for dainty gadgets which will kindle a feeling of nostalgia in some folks. When a picture is taken with the Instax Mini 25, Mini 8, Mini 50S or Mini 90, an instant print pops out of it. It takes a few seconds to develop and then sharpen into a clear photo.

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The Fujifilm Mini 90 has a rotatable dial for switching between modes and functions. It integrates flash, brightness control, landscape mode, an option to take macro shots, bulb exposure mode, double exposure mode and more. The Instax Mini 50S has flash, a self-timer and close-up mode. The Instax Mini 8 could pass off as a toy camera for sure.


The flash unit on the device always fires. The camera comes with a brightness adjustment dial and a shutter speed of 1/60 sec. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 features a mirror beside the lens for taking selfies. Its specifications cover a macro lens, ‘fill-in’ flash mode, an option to adjust the intensity of colors and vertical or horizontal shooting.

To be honest, we don’t see any of these Fujifilm Instax Mini cameras becoming wildly popular in the Indian market. They’re more like sort of novelty item you’d buy for a small event when you want to give away pictures of the party to guests as they leave. Amazon India is selling the Instax Mini 25, Mini 8, Mini 50S and Mini 90 currently.