Fring releases 3G VoIP app on iPhone

Fring AppThe iPhone platform seems to be expanding its list of software updates and apps on a daily basis. Fring is rolling out its 3G-friendly VoIP app on iPhone. This was cited from the official Fring blog.

Users can now enjoy the benefit of unobstructed, mobile interaction. By means of this app, iPhone fring users can call, video call, chat and do lots more over 3G and Wi-Fi for no charge. Now one can fring from anywhere with the iPhone be it a beach or snow-capped mountains.

For receiving the update, users need to simply open fring on their iPhone and that’s all there is to it. But, if they get a message that says ‘VoIP calls are not allowed’, then users can press on ‘More’, go offline and then open fring again.

The fring team cautions users to verify with their cellular operator’s terms of agreement to confirm that they can enable VoIP calls on their network prior to using fring.