Freedom 251 maker Ringing Bells to launch new phones, ultra-cheap TV

Freedom 251 maker Ringing Bells is now planning to launch more smartphones and a brand new HD LED TV in India at an event taking place in Delhi on July 7. The company has been at the center of an on-going controversy storm for months now, with this latest development doing nothing to reassure the public that it intends to deliver on its promises.

Ringing Bells has been cooking up scheme after scheme in the run-up to the launch of the Freedom 251. It first promised to deliver the smartphone on a cash-on-delivery basis by June 28. This was repeatedly delayed to July 6. In between, it promised to set up a lucky draw to choose who got the phone, claiming it would provide 10000 units of the phone in each state.

Ringing Bells Freedom 251

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Ringing Bells CEO Mohit Goel had previously talked about launching an ultra-cheap TV which would be priced at less than Rs 10000. The TV is supposed to bear the same Freedom moniker and sport a 32-inch HD LED display. The firm hasn’t revealed anything about its new range of smartphones yet.

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The impending arrival of the new handsets comes as a surprise given the fact that Ringing Bells hasn’t even managed to send out the Freedom 251 on time yet. The brand may have been able to redeem itself if it had managed to follow through on its promise of delivering the device into the hands of consumers. Since that hasn’t happened yet, people will probably still view the company with a degree of suspicion.

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