Free ‘The Mobile Ring’ Game introduced by Cellufun

The Mobile Ring Game

Cellufun, a growing mobile entertainment community has launched a game ‘called The Mobile Ring’. It is a boxing game which sees players politically pitting one another in the ring. This can be played on the mobile phone and is free of cost too.

In this game, the player can fight against or for the political candidate without fear of prosecution. Now players can enjoy pitting the political candidate from any party against each other in an evolving virtual environment directly affected by the game.

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Cellufun’s CEO, Arthur Goikhman, commented, “Not all of us bother to vote, but it’s hard to find someone in America, or the world, for that matter, who hasn’t felt like slugging it out with at least one of our candidates.”

The players can choose to play as US candidates including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Rudy Giuliani, Tommy Thompson, or a slew of other contenders. Aside from being an exercise in catharsis, there is a populist strain in the Mobile Ring game.

Players can upload their highest score to Cellufun while they can also save their favorite long shot candidate without affecting their performance in the game.

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The Mobile Ring game will allow its candidate a rating based on their current real-life poll position. The players will be allowed to vote for the candidate and only one who gets more wins or losses in the field.

The players can go on their site to vote for their favorite candidate which can be included in the later releases, either dark horse candidates, cable television pundits or even currently elected White House officials.

You can point your phone’s browser to this address to download the game for free. Alternatively, you can visit from your PC.

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