AppleFly anywhere with new WhosHere App

Fly anywhere with new WhosHere App

WhosHere iPhone App

Users can now happily meet their friends, potential dates or network through an exceptionally simple yet effective application. A new application tagged ‘WhosHere’ has just paved the way for iPhone users. The app enables users to meet and interact with people nearby and place their profiles anywhere in the world for 24 hours at a time with the latest version submitted to Apple.

The recently revealed app comes equipped with geo-casting feature, allowing users to meet users in other cities or countries, practice foreign language skills with native speakers, and get tips from locals on what to do in advance of a ‘real’ trip.

“This is a significant addition for us,” stated myRete co-founder and CEO, Bryant Harris. “It provides highly requested user functionality and diversifies our revenue base.”

In fact, the WhosHere app features free text messaging, free image messaging, and free in app VOIP phone calls on the iPhone. The app shows users matches that are near them or anywhere in the world based on their answers to a few questions about self and who they are interested in meeting.

Further, when users find someone they want to chat with, they can send unlimited, free text and image messages to them, and make and receive free calls.

The cool WhosHere app can now be downloaded for free from Apple’s iTunes App Store.

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