Fluent Mobile intros Fluent News app for iPhone, iPod Touch

Fluent News App Fluent Mobile introduced its first iPhone and iPod Touch application dubbed Fluent News. This application integrates the custom made mobile content from the most reliable news sources across the Web into a distinct, easy-to-read and up to date mobile newspaper.

It permits iPhone and iPod touch users to experience the fastest and handy way to browse and read news via their handsets. Moreover, the app is also accessible through other handsets, by logging on to fluentnews.com.

“We are going to redefine expectations for the mobile Web experience. Over just the past two years, the mobile industry has seen great advances in device capabilities, bandwidth and the sheer breadth of mobile content. However, browsing the mobile Web can still be an extremely frustrating experience,” commented Micah Adler, Fluent Mobile’s CEO.

“Fluent Mobile is dedicated to narrowing the experience gap between mobile and desktop Web browsing by optimizing the search, organization and delivery of dynamic mobile content. At the forefront of the news industry’s transformation from paper to desktop to mobile, Fluent News is just the first step in our plans to improve the usability of the mobile Web,” he continued.

The application enables users to rapidly browse through a series of significant news that is being broadcasted by leading news organizations like Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and CNN. The company’s development team has designed proprietary algorithms that improve the mobile browsing experience. They have even developed content relevancy algorithms that manage and prioritize the most prominent stories, enabling users to access latest news.

Fluent News makes it fast and easy to see a broad range of the most important news being covered by the top news organizations. Fluent Mobile’s team has developed proprietary algorithms that optimize the mobile browsing experience, including content relevancy algorithms that organize and prioritize the most important stories, making it easy to stay updated.

The content delivery programs offered by Fluent Mobile facilitate users to access latest news belonging to any category without the need to wait for the browser windows to open and load. It offers news from wide variety of categories like world, business, sports, entertainment, and technology.

Users can also read news from leading sources, of each category. Moreover, the application also features complete articles which can be easily accessed by means of the integrated browser. It also facilitates users to share their articles via Facebook, Twitter or email.

The news is available in a sorted format that minimizes the repetition of unique stories, also providing users to read related coverage. Users can access news offline when an Internet connection is unavailable. It also provides regular updates so that readers get the latest news.

Fluent News is available for free from Apple’s App Store on the iPhone.