FlightView launches Flight Information App for Blackberry

Flightview Blackberry App

Running short of time and messed up with heaps of planning to do this holiday season? Or simply coveting to stay apprised and braced up for changing plans without taking a toll of trying to reach customer service? Bringing a breeze of relief, FlightView has recently annunciated the immediate availability of its real-time flight information app for Blackberry devices. Erstwhile, the company had introduced an app for Palm Pre users to design a systematic travel plan. This time, Blackberry travelers can now gleefully plan, monitor and make informed decisions about travel plans, thanks to the existence of this brand-new app.

In fact, the app brings together information that air travelers and their friends and family need, aggregating real-time flight data and current weather conditions into one simple view, allowing them to considerably save and quickly revisit flights for updates.

“Travelers can now stay informed, organized and prepared for changing plans without calling, queuing, or trying to reach customer service,” remarked Mike Benjamin, CEO of FlightView. “The number of BlackBerry users traveling grows each day, and we’re excited to help transform their travel experience.”

Apart from offering full-bowl of information pertaining flight tracking, the app ensures the entire traveling experience to be as comfortable as an old shoe. Rather, flight status updates are integrated with Blackberry alerts and as soon as a plane delays by more than fifteen minutes, a notification will be pushed to the user even when the app is closed.

Furthermore, an attractive map shows the plane right route while a radar weather overlays so users can expect any weather-related deferment. Captivatingly, the FlightView embraces scheduled flights with Blackberry’s calendar, updating arrival and departure information in real-time while preventing double booking. On the other hand, the easy-to-read feature allows users to record important details of their trip such as reservation numbers, phone numbers and points of interest.

The flight information app from FlightView will make users shell out as little as $4.99. It can be downloaded from Blackberry App World.