FISHLABS introduces Rally Master Pro

Screenshots of Rally Master Pro

FISHLABS, one of the leading developers of 3D mobile games, has introduced Rally Master Pro. The game challenges you to take up 27 ‘extreme courses’ in rain, sun and snow.

The game boasts of ‘diverse and richly detailed’ courses and three classes where gamers get to tear up the tracks on asphalt, gravel, sand and snow. Players can prove their metal with ‘hard-core rallies with merciless action’. The game gives a realistic experience with realistic changes in weather, tracks and the eventual damage caused by the hurdles. This makes it all the more thrilling as it progresses and looks more challenging with the uneven tracks. Rally Master Pro also has the options of ‘time trial’ and ‘adrenaline modes’ where players can practice to achieve best times and error-free driving.

Players also get a helping hand from the co-pilot who announces the route visually and acoustically, and alerts them during curves, so one can drift easily and cleanly through the curves by easing up on gas. With this the players can also achieve tough-time requirements. During all the rallying and driving across obstacles, if one has damaged the car badly, it can be viewed by the 3D damage model that can be overviewed to determine the damage and repair the vehicle between the mini-game.

Want more? Here it is; the game also features a unique interactive replay, where a player can check out his best driving style at every curve crossing every obstacle and memorize it. The feature is also aided by the forward and rewind options where the player can learn more every time.

“With Rally Master Pro, we provide an uncompromising, high-quality implementation of a mobile phone rally game – the possibilities offered by modern mobile phones are used to the full. Rather than investing in expensive licences, we have put the entire budget into the development of the game. The result is a real console feeling on the mobile phone,” says Michael Schade, CEO of FISHLABS Entertainment GmbH. “With 27 extremely different tracks and hours of playing enjoyment, Rally Master Pro sets new standards in the field of racing games.”

The ‘extremely high-quality, console-level production’ of Rally Master Pro is highly engrossing. Featuring ‘outstanding graphics and the realistic driving physics’, what happens to be the highlights of the game is the 3D damage model that gives a realistic and motivating ambience, ‘influencing the driving characteristics’ which FISHLABS claims be an innovation for mobile games.

Rally Master Pro will be made available by the end of June.