Fish rains down from the skies in Indian village

On Friday morning, a mysterious rain of fish from the skies over Gollamudi village in Nandigama mandal situated in Andhra Pradesh, surprised its residents. There have been incidences of animals falling from the heavens over the decades and this is not the first instance of fish falling from the sky. What’s more, spiders, frogs, jellyfish, toads and worms have also been reported to have rained over various places across the world.

Duggaraju Srinivas, environmentalist and retired professor of Marine Biology, was quoted as saying that similar phenomena occurred in the districts of Srikakulam and Vizianagaram in the 1970s too. Fish do not actually fall from the sky, but have been observed to rain down along with water after being caught in tornadoes or violent winds in general. However, never have scientists ever been able to record the first part of the affair of animals getting picked up by winds in the first place.


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The AP villagers of Gollamudi claim that the strange rain poured hundreds of fish into their fields. A lot of people are reported to have rush to the waterlogged fields in the area in order to gather the fish which have been identified as Vallaga. They were between 4 inches to 6 inches in size, according to a post on Deccan Chronicle. The windy conditions preceding the downpour on Friday could have displaced the creatures along with water from rivers, breeding grounds or canals in the vicinity.

But such rain and violent winds do not necessarily carry off only animals living in water, as can be seen from stories of worms, toads, spiders and what not, falling from the skies. The rain of fish in Gollamudi apparently fell in the fields on the outskirts of the village.

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