Firefox Home slips onto the iPhone shortly

Firefox Home iPhone

iPhone users who love to surf the Internet will soon to be in for a complete treat. According to the official Mozilla blog, the company will soon unfurl with a new iPhone application based on the Firefox Sync technology. Through the Firefox Home app, users can easily gain access to all their Firefox browsing history, tabs from their recent browser session as well as bookmarks.

To further heighten their experience, customers will also be provided with the Firefox “Awesome Bar” capability. Through this inclusion, they can access all their desired websites without needing to specify their desire. As the company suggests, Firefox Home offers users a reliable ‘ get up and go’ experience and is noted to be a free offering. The latest software from Mozilla lets users acquire a more personalized Web experience complete with user control.

Firefox Home can be utilized in various situations and also is expected to be pretty useful in daily life. Customers are provided with a complete list of all their tabs that were opened on their desktop. The ‘Awesome Bar’ is the iPhone owners’ portal to acquiring directions to a restaurant or confirmation code for their flight. All this information and more can be accessed directly from the handheld device itself.

No specific release date is disclosed by the company for the Firefox Home but we do know that the interesting app can be acquired absolutely free of cost.