findNano iPhone App lets users discover nanotechnology enabled products

findNano iPhone App

Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies (PEN) now brings its latest creation for the iPhone called the findNano App that enables users to explore and analyze nanotechnology enabled products. Nanotechnology, a rapidly evolving technology makes use of materials and constructs them at small scale. This technology has applications ranging from consumer electronics to enhanced drug delivery systems.

With the help of findNano app, users can explore an inventory of around 1000 nano-based products including sports goods, food products, electronic toys and more. Users can submit new nanotech products that are to be included in future products lineup, with the help of their iPhones’ built-in camera. With this feature, consumers, researchers, and policymakers can determine how and where nanotechnologies are launching in markets.

“The Consumer Products Inventory provides valuable insight into the world of nanotech consumer products, and now it’s even easier to access because of findNano,” says PEN Research Associate Patrick Polischuk. “This innovative tool satisfies the needs of citizen scientists, tech-savvy consumers, and those who are merely curious about whether products contain nanomaterials.”

As per the statistics, the number of nanotech products in the inventory has increased from 200 in 2006 to over 1000 till date. With a view to raise estimates of the number of nano-based products, the iPhone app allows users to submit nanotech products with product name and the place where it can be purchased from.

Users can download the findNano app available at the Apple iTunes App Store and for free.