AndroidFieldSaver Android App v3.0 launched to aid medical world

FieldSaver Android App v3.0 launched to aid medical world

FieldSaver Android App

The FieldSaver Android App v3.0 that’s recently introduced aspires to integrate data and enables sharing of legally required emergency medical services (EMS). It is said to allow effortless documentation of information with hospitals, public health, public safety and first responder agencies.

The FieldSaver, based on Windows mobile platform now emerges as an Android app to make it available on recent smartphones, tablets and other mobile gadgets. This permits it to offer the app to fire departments and private ground ambulance providers, who are looking for lower total cost of ownership solutions. In addition to this, not only does the mobile device come in handy but also costs less in comparison to laptops that incorporate EMS documentation systems.

“Our customers were facing fewer and fewer device options as cellular providers dropped Windows-based devices,” explains president and chief operating officer Dr. Drew Hood, MD. “This decision was impactful from various perspectives in that it required us to consider the loss of capital investment in the labor design of the new version of FieldSaver using the Windows Mobile OS and the risk of development in the new Android operating system that we were unfamiliar with.”

Availability of this app has given users the freedom to download it on any Android powered device that will meet their field data collection needs. The v3.0 comes with an ‘always-on’ data connection that makes it possible for paramedics to fax information and patient’s reports from a mobile device to a printer in any other room of the hospital, at any point of time.

FieldSaver Android App v3.0 can be downloaded from the Android Market.

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