GeneralFancy some 3D printed pancakes for breakfast?

Fancy some 3D printed pancakes for breakfast?

Chocolates and other tidbits have been pushed out of a 3D printer before and now it’s time for pancakes with your selfie on them for breakfast. UK-based research, design and development house Kinneir Dufort, has hacked into its 3D printer to show you how it can be done.

Using Computer Numerical Control technology, face recognition and tracking software as well as a 3D printer (with pancake batter as ink of course), the sweet treat can be made complete with an image on it. The darker tones means more cooking will be involved as compared to the lighter colors.

3D Printed Pancake

The bad news is that it all works in theory only. The picture we’ve posted above is actually just a render of what the final product is expected to look like. Achieving it would demand for the appropriate balance between batter viscosity, speed of application, keeping the temperature right and so on.

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With the help of a digital camera and image processing for face tracking and extraction, the software will transform the information into contours for the batter dispenser. The darkest areas will be deposited first since these need to be cooked for more time in order to show up against the lighter parts.

3D Printed Food

Kinneir Dufort has managed to create 3D printed pancakes with abstract images on them. The entire process is supposed to take just around 5 minutes. The whole idea is to change the dining experience above anything else. This means that you may be able to Instagram your selfie on your food in the near future.

What do you think about foodstuffs like pancakes or chocolate coming out of a 3D printer? Do you think they’ll ever compare to good old traditional cooking?

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