Want a Doob-licate of your self-ie in 3D miniature ?

If you want a duplicate of yourself in miniature, Doob 3D is willing to make you a 4-inch 3D selfie of sorts for $95. It’s not something you can order online since you actually have to step into a scanning booth and let the machine record every minute detail of your appearance. There are 8 such booths across the globe, one each in Dusseldorf, Chelsea Market in New York, Tokyo, Santa Monica Place in Los Angeles and so on.

You’ll have to lay out $395 in cash for a 10-inch statuette of yourself, or $695 for a 14-inch 3D selfie. Get ready to drop roughly $75000 or so for a life-size replica of yourself. What about preserving the memory of your awesome physique in your birthday suit? Well, the Doob-licator does nudes too, though it take the high ground with regards to ‘plastic surgery’. As Wired puts it, the company is only ready to retouch large scars as far as cosmetic procedures go.


Doob 3D won’t pull in your tummy, fill in bald spots or enhance any part of your anatomy before handing you your 3D selfie. The ProJet 660Pro by 3D Systems is used to print out objects in 600 x 540 dpi at a maximum speed of 1.1-inch an hour. The ‘ink’ is a type of resin polymer material which is added layer by layer to gradually build the figurine in question. The smallest Doob can be created within a few hours, while bigger ones take much more time.

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The ProJet 3D printer can only make objects as large as 3 feet tall, necessitating the molding of separate pieces that must eventually be assembled into a single unit for a life-size statue. Doob 3D sends you the 3D selfie along with a 3D PDF, apart from storing your data (optional) in case you want to order more replicas later.