Family Fortune spins onto iTunes

Family Fortune

There is splendid news in store for those who love watching the TV show Family Fortune, now obviously known as All Star Family Fortune. Ludia along with the producer of the show talkbackTHAMES digital has rolled out the carpet for Family Fortunes to arrive on the iPhone. Gamers can now play as the leader of a ‘family’ in a contest.

In this game, they have to suggest the most popular answers to survey questions which have been filled in by 100 respondents. Loading up on the essence of the original game show, it proffers functionalities like Single Money, Double Money, Big Money, lives and the scoreboard. Gaming aficionados can also play with their family using the multiplayer mode or challenge the computer in a solo one.

“We are excited to bring the highly popular Family Fortunes game to revolutionary products like the iPhone and iPod touch,” commented Alex Thabet, Founder and CEO of Ludia. “This release reinforces our strategy of delivering high quality, family-friendly game experiences on all the devices on which people like to play games.”

“Family Fortunes is the perfect format for interactive game show fun on the go,” stated Robert Marsh, Head of talkbackTHAMES digital. “We are pleased to extend the franchise to devices like the iPhone and iPod touch so that new and existing fans of the show can experience Family Fortunes in thrilling new ways.”

The game comes packed with the theme music, sound effects and the authentic stage creating the TV show’s true aura. Answering is speedy with the auto spell checker and predictive text input. Players can also customize their avatars with accessories, clothes, and hairstyles. Bonus items can be unlocked as and when the game progresses.

Family Fortunes retails on the App Store for £4.99.