Facebook Messenger Update Adds New Features

Facebook Messenger

Facebook’s Messenger app has just been blessed with a new update that includes features aimed at improving user experience. These include fresh chat themes, a quick reply bar, and the ability to create QR codes and links for sending and receiving money through the US-only Facebook Pay service. 

Among the fresh themes that have been added is one modeled along Olivia Rodrigo’s new album Sour. The theme has been launched in celebration of the album and even features Olivia’s signature face stickers. Another theme takes you underwater with its World Oceans Day focus, and there’s even one celebrating the Fast & Furious movie, F9. It’s worth noting that these themes have made their way into Instagram as well.

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The quick reply bar is an innovative way to reply to an image or a video shared by your friends. In the chat, once you tap on the media and it goes full screen, you will be able to summon a quick-access keyboard as you continue to watch the video or photo, so you can hasten your reply speed. This quick reply bar appears at the bottom of the photo or video you are viewing.

About the third feature, Sateesh Kumar Srinivasan, Director of Messaging Product, Facebook Messenger, said, “Lastly, we’ve rolled out the ability for US Messenger users to leverage QR codes and payment links when they want to send or request money with Facebook Pay, even if they’re not connected on Facebook. No need to download a separate payment app or add new contacts on the fly! To access your personal QR code and payment link, visit your Messenger settings and tap ‘Facebook Pay.’ Simply share the payment link or allow your friends to scan your QR code to send or request money.”

This update for Facebook Messenger is already live for both the iOS and Android versions of the app.

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