Facebook unveils new Groups app for easy accessibility

Staying in touch with a large number of people is what Facebook Groups are all about, and those who employ them for that purpose regularly will be pleased to know that a dedicated app for the very same purpose has been launched by the social network. Available for download on Android and iOS devices, this application is meant to help you share content faster and more easily with all your groups.

After you’ve downloaded and installed Facebook Groups on your devices, you need to log into your account and once that’s done, all the groups that you’re a part of will appear on it in the form of round icons. It’s on this screen that you’ll also be able to create a completely new group altogether by tapping on the ‘+’ sign.

Facebook Groups

You can enter your Facebook groups and post content on them as usual. You can also use the app’s Discover tab for joining more groups. These are suggested to you based on the pages you’ve liked and other personal stuff. Another feature in this utility is its Notifications tab.

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This portion of the app lets you view updates from all your groups in one common hub. Lastly there’s a Settings section which lets you control options such as in-app sounds and push notifications. It should be known that even though this is a standalone tool meant for managing groups, the regular Facebook application will still continue to offer the same functionality to you as usual.

Facebook Groups Notifications

Facebook Groups can now be grabbed through the Google Play store and the Apple App Store free of cost.