Facebook for Windows Phone 7 app update to resolve crashing, lockout issues

Facebook LogoThe Facebook for Windows Phone 7 app is touted to be specifically fashioned for providing handset enthusiasts with a desktop browsing experience while complementing the interface of Windows Phone 7 sliding screens and tiles. Microsoft has now updated the Facebook for Windows Phone 7 app.

Thanks to this upgrade, owners can look forward to a heighted performance while resolving crash issues. Apparently, some users reported that their Facebook app began to crash and were locked out of the service directly on their handsets. Coming to the aid of these Windows Phone 7 users, the company claims that the newly-announced update to the app would solve the issue.

There are a few features that are highly-anticipated by mobile aficionados such as copy/paste among others. With the Facebook for Windows Phone 7 app update already unfurled a couple of days back, handset owners have reportedly divulged that the upgrade resolves the lockout and crashing issues.

The Facebook for Windows Phone 7 version 1.2 developed by Microsoft caters to the needs of social networking butterflies that access Facebook while on the go through their mobile phones.