GeneralFacebook 30-minute global outage leaves users struggling to log on

Facebook 30-minute global outage leaves users struggling to log on

Just in case you slept through it, Facebook went down for 30 minutes or so on a global scale and caused the whole world to turn to Twitter since there are few other public platforms offering as wide visibility for ranting social media fanatics. The short outage resulted in #facebookdown trending on Twitter and a number of hilarious as well as frustrated tweets were spotted on the website.

In fact, even as we write, tweets continue to pour in talking about this worldwide Facebook outage and its aftermath. Well, that’s a nice way to get the social network more publicity by having it trend on Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg. The one party who stayed perfectly quiet during the entire episode was the team managing the company’s Twitter account, with a tweet about its Snapchat rival Slingshot, being the last one sent out.

Facebook Log-in Page

Not only was the desktop version of Facebook facing downtime, so was the mobile optimized site. And multiple reports are noting that certain Facebook plugins on various websites also felt the brunt of the temporary discomfort. The network is said to have gone under in several areas including the UK, France, India and parts of Africa, amongst others. The most important takeaway from this incident probably has to be about how addicted we are to social media these days.

Well, it’s always one thing or another with Facebook considering the number of times WhatsApp has left us in the dark since Zuckerberg and Co. took over. Next time warn us in advance, okay?

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