GeneralEvolution of mobile phones

Evolution of mobile phones

When the first mobile phone was used back in 1973 by Dr. Martin Cooper, it set off a revolution in communications. Over the following decades, the device saw significant upgrades which have made mobile phones the devices they are today.

Initially, this early form of the mobile phone didn’t change much. It was until the 1990’s that developers made the devices as small as possible. They were limited due to the size of the keypad and display screen. During this time the price of mobile phones also declined leading to more consumers to purchase them.  No longer were mobile phones solely marketed towards business people.

first nokia phone nokia-3310

In recent years, mobile phones developed into today’s smartphones. They had the ability to download and use software programs known as apps. Other functionalities become common on phones including FM radios, Bluetooth and screen options. Full keyboards were added to mobile phones that eventually saw sending a text message as a fast and convenient way to communicate with others. This really appealed to young people which saw the advantages of this new technology. They began shortening words to make their texts conform to character limits. Some even transferred this new “language” to the world outside of texting much to the chagrin of educators around the world.

With the addition of applications, mobile phone now essentially became pocket sized computers. Not only are they communication devices, but people today are using them for their primary gaming device. This is a change from traditional gaming consoles. Phones can play simple casino games like roulette – which you can play at many mobile casinos available through – to high-end graphic games.

With the significant changes that have occurred with mobile phones in the last few years, it is doubtful that this pace will hasten any time soon.

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