Easy and Effective Steps to Earn Your ITIL v3 Foundation Credential through Exam Dumps

examSupporting professionals and businesses, ITIL sorts out the best practices needed in IT Service Management. ITIL got its name from the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, which focuses on unravelling business issues by following industry practices.

With an overall goal of solving business issues to improve business service, ITIL is such a great instrument for individuals who want to pursue a career in IT Service Management. And if you want to earn a critically-acclaimed validation of your ITIL understanding, then you’re on the right track. Continue reading and learn more about one of the best ITIL certifications at present.

EXIN and its wide reach of certification exams

Even with the rapidly-changing IT industry, EXIN carries on the reputation of being one of the best certification bodies when it comes to the ITIL framework. They develop and authenticate individuals to broaden their expertise and keep them on top of their careers. And part of EXIN’s extensive certification programs is their ITIL Foundation.

ITIL Foundation certification is an excellent way to verify your knowledge of the ITIL concepts and guidelines. This is a perfect step for entry-level professionals who want to further heighten their understanding of the information technology service management through in-depth comprehension instead of practical application.

Steps in earning your ITIL Foundation

Now that you know what ITIL Foundation is all about, let’s get to the steps of earning this valuable credential. This list will surely help you ace your certification exam in just one take.

  1. Equip yourself ahead with basic knowledge of the ITIL concepts

Before getting into a certification journey, it’s highly recommended to gear yourself, even with the basics of the ITIL framework. This will make it easier for you to understand the corresponding exam topics.

  1. Fully understand the exam coverage

If you think you are more than ready to take the certification exam, then you can proceed to the next step. It’s not enough to simply know the exam topics; you should be able to fully grasp all the ITIL principles covered in both IT Service Management and ITIL Service Cycle. Furthermore, the exam involves ITIL models, tasks, and processes, along with ITIL Architecture and such. Given the all-encompassing key terms and features, it’s a must to maximize different training materials for your certification exam.


  1. Know the exam layout

Another thing to take into account is the exam layout for this ITIL Foundation certification exam. Consisting of 40 multiple-choice questions, the time limit is one hour. Accordingly, you are given an approximate of two minutes to answer each question. And for you to pass the exam, you need to gain 65% or more.

  1. Differentiate the certification versions

Just like most certification exams, the ITIL Foundation certification keeps track of the changes in the industry, hence the variations of the versions. ITILFNDv3, in particular, targets more on the processes related to the IT service lifecycle. This includes a comprehensive discussion of the ITIL procedures and tasks, which will then be valuable for business continuity.

  1. Gather various books

As there is no shortcut to success, you should capitalize on different materials. But there’s nothing to fret because you’ve got a lot of significant books to choose from. Some of the most practical options include “ITIL Lifecycle Publication Suite” by the Office of Government Commerce, “Passing The Itil Foundation Exam” by Van Haren Publishing, and “IT Service Management: A Guide for ITIL Foundation Exam Candidates” by Ernest Brewster, Aidan Lawes, and Richard Griffiths. These books feature the basic yet essential subjects of the ITIL lifecycle approach and everything in-between. And conveniently, most of these books are available via Amazon, either in a physical copy or eBook.

  1. Take advantage of training courses

Complement your books with some training courses that will further sharpen your grasp of the ITIL. If you’re unsure where to pick some reliable online courses, you can assistance from PrepAway. A famous exam dump provider, PrepAway also offers a collection of the valid dumps and video lectures, along with its practice questions and exams. This is given through its ITILFND Premium Bundle at $39.98. By availing this amazing bundle, you can access the latest practice exam questions and answers, enjoy free updates, and download files with ease. Aside from PrepAway, you can also enroll for classroom training that gives you the in-depth ITIL coverage with the aid of an instructor.

  1. Relax and take the exam

Once you’ve covered all the exam materials, then take time to relax. It’s best to clear your mind with stress a week before your scheduled test. Avoid cramming so that you won’t mess up on your exam day. Also, make sure you’ve got everything ready―the specific testing center, the fee, and such to ensure a smooth sailing certification exam.

  1. Continue with the VeriSM certification

Did you know that you can further build your proficiency with the ITIL subject by taking VeriSM certification? As a related credential of the ITIL Foundation, this means that there’s more to learn and look forward to when preparing for your ITILFNDv3 certification exam. You open up yourself not just with the basics but also with the newest technologies concerning the industry.


With the focus of continuously improving businesses, no doubt IT service management is an instrumental tool among organizations. As a result, there’s always a demand for ITIL certification holders. And if you want to strengthen your knack in such field, you are in great hands with an EXIN’s ITIL Foundation certification. Through this excellent validation, you are specifically guided with all the principles and practices involving the ITIL framework. To pass your exam successfully, hone your skills by using the most reliable exam dumps from PrepAway. Be on the top of your career with the ITIL Foundation credential.