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Droid 2 update promises improved battery life and proximity sensor accuracy

Droid 2 Update

Around few months back we reported that the enticing Motorola Droid 2 received an update which offers enthralling messaging and visual voicemail improvements. Droid Life highlights that latest update for the coveted device is almost ready to be downloaded.

Offering advanced battery life and proximity sensor accuracy, the update may put forth quick set-up process, better user interaction and improved notifications for visual voice mail. The Weather widget can seemingly be effortlessly viewed in both landscape and portrait orientation.

The newest version apparently provides background e-mail sync and seamlessly lends support to e-mail domain suffixes including more than three characters. Users need not worry since their text messages are supposedly arranged with chronological in-box screen. Owners may also edit their text messages after inserting a video file.

The update will delight users since it is capable of delivering impeccable audio sound during recorded video playbacks. Handset owners can allegedly access Stream guide Tour video from the Help Center app with utmost comfort. The GPS navigation experience is amplified with quick location tracking while the update may offer better transition between Wi-Fi and 3G in data connection.

Besides, the version may enable individuals to add images from their gallery to a specific contact. Apart from transferring all contacts to the SD card, the software offers VZ navigator and social networking contact details.

Users can update this new version to enhance their mobile experience.