AppleDrive, Walk & Meet with new Sygic Aura iPhone App

Drive, Walk & Meet with new Sygic Aura iPhone App

Aura iPhone App

Ever woolgathered for some professional car navigation to join hands with a pedestrian-centric application? If not, then here’s an example! Sygic has recently passed the word about an all-new application ‘Aura’ for iPhone users.

With Aura real 3-D GPS navigation, users can benefit from voice-guided voice assistance in more than 20 languages. Pretty weightily, a comprehensive pre-installed data set encompasses Tele Atlas detailed maps and content, far-reaching points of interest, geo-tagged wiki and city guide information, thanks to Sygic’s new offering.

Full 3D content displays elevation, buildings and landscapes attractively, and Aura responds smoothly by changing location, whether users are driving or wailing. The app ensures to deliver quick route calculation, turn-by-turn features, lane assistance, highway symbols, speed alerts and safety cameras. Apart from this, the app comes equipped with contacts and buddy search feature with a direct call option.

“Our dream to build Aura has come true – three years of development has resulted in a product that completely differs from others on the market,” expressed Michal Stencl, CEO of Sygic. “We are happy to announce it now and here, in the world that asks: “What is the future of LBS?”. We simply trust that the answer is Aura – one tool that combines navigation for pedestrians and drivers and lets users learn all about cities: where to go, where to stay and meet there. Aura keeps you on track whether your journey is by car or on foot, with the information you need at-hand, always available, without a mobile connection. Drive, walk and meet – Aura presents one incredible, beautiful package.”

For users who want to enjoy the online experience, Aura offers connected features for real-time information. By switching the data stream on, one can chat, see a friend’s location or status, share a location or a pre-selected destination, and look up weather or traffic information.

The Aura application is designed for the next generation of smartphones and personal navigation devices such as iPhone, Google Android, Windows Phone 7 and others.

Sygic’s Aura is anticipated to hit Apple’s App Store really soon.

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