AppleDoom Classic comes to iPhone

Doom Classic comes to iPhone

Doom iPhone Game

Fans of the legendary game, Doom can now relive the exceptional experience as the game is available for the iPhone. Based on the original game, the first person shooter game brings the unforgettable evil holocaust experience to its users.

The player is in the space marine stationed on the planet Mars. The gamer’s aim is to defeat armies of Hell and stop the invasion of planet Earth. The game offers customizable control schemes, specially designed by id Software co-founder and industry legend, John Carmack. Players can fight with the deadly monster like the Imp, Cacodemon and Hell Knight with the help of indispensable weapons such as the Chainsaw and the BFG 9000.

Doom Classic brings the original three episodes along with Episode Four called Thy Flesh Consumed. Users need to survive through 36 challenging levels of continuous extermination. The game offers redefined multiplayer action that includes Deathmatch and Cooperative play for around four players via wireless internet.

For a thrilling experience, users can choose from three different control types and customize the interface. To discover the depths of Mars, the game offers top down map to help users throughout their journey. The game offers original soundtrack that can also be disabled. Users can even play their favorite music from their devices.

The game is available at the Apple App Store. With the Doom Classic on the iPhone, welcome to Hell!

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