Discount My Way app liberalizes consumers for price cuts using smartphones

Discount My Way App

Just when an Experian Simmons report shed light on the use of mobile phones for shopping activities, Lead Generation Solutions seems to have taken a step to make it easier by creating the Discount My Way app. It is a technology which allows shoppers to propose discounts and concessions to retailers for instant purchase, using their smartphones. The company describes this as an app which connects shoppers and retailers at the point of sale.

With this technology, smartphone users can create deals as and when they like and propose them to retailers, using Discount My Way on their handsets. The business can simply accept, reject or modify and bargain the deal as it suits them.

“A customer in the mall proposes to buy a few articles of clothing and uses Discount My Way on their smart phone to request a 20% discount. The request is received by the retailer and then checked against sales numbers, inventory, and up to the minute business conditions and a counter-offer is made: 15%. Or the business may decide to offer a complimentary add-on product and sweeten the discount to 25%,” explains Mike Drohan, President of Lead Generation Solutions.

The app is expected to empower users to shop at their own will, not having to wait for discounts, sale, offers, or even coupons. Users have the liberty to personalize bargains on deals in a hassle-free, convenient manner. Also, retailers would not have to depend solely on announcements of attractive offers to draw shoppers. There wouldn’t be any unprofitable offers either, as the entire concept is based on corporate approved algorithms.

The Discount My Way app can currently be downloaded for smartphones based on Android, iOS, and Blackberry mobile platforms.